Hybrid Drives


In the era of growing ecological awareness and increasingly strict regulations regarding the emission of harmful substances, the maritime industry is going through a revolution. In response to these challenges, we present our latest solution – Hybrid electrical energy generation system, ready for use on ships now.


The system is the result of a research and development project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020.

Why Our System?

Traditional “green drive” solutions are often expensive. Our DC generation system for vessels, patented by Elektryka Morska, is an innovative solution dedicated to smaller vessels with the maximum power of 1 MW. Our solution is not only eco-friendly solution, but also an affordable one, because we use components generally available on the market.

What we offer?

Our solution includes a complete electrical energy generation and distribution system based on direct voltage. We cooperate with the best suppliers of power electronic devices to provide customers with comprehensive support.

As part of the solution, we can offer you various options:

–              Optimizing Energy Efficiency Design Index for systems based on traditional generating sets by installing energy storages,

–              Complete generation and distribution system based on DC voltage,

–              Complete electrical installation for hybrid vessels using energy storages,

–              Complete system for fully electrical vessels.


Our system is modular and flexible, therefore it can be adjusted to the clients’ expectations and budget. Our system is an ideal solution for: workboats, CTV’s, fishing boats, pushboats, tugs, self-propelled barges and small passenger ferries.


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Looking ahead

Our system offers “a future proofed” solution, as using the DC grid allows our system to be integrated with alternative energy sources, such as H2 cells or photovoltaic cells. It responds to not only current, but also future trends in maritime industry.

If you are looking for green, fuel-saving solutions, contact us today to learn more about the Elektryka Morska’s system.