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Szperacze morskie

The SEEMATZ searchlights are constructed of seawater resistant aluminium and have extra hardened BI-VETRAL safety front panes. The reflectors are made of aluminium, on request it will be possible to install a 400W heating into all searchlights with 230VAC input power.

SEEMATZ searchlights are designed to facilitate service. The backside of the searchlights can be opened without using tools by quick-release snaps. Also the cable glands are mounted on the backside cover . This make it possible to remove the compl. plug-in unit incl. the mirror, lamp, socket and the heating only by unlock the quick-release snaps. This can be important in case of bad weather conditions !! The column typs are designed to operate inside from the wheelhouse. The construction is totally watertight and easy to install. After cutting a hole, the column can be inserted smoothly into the roof. This installation is secure and elegant even at roofs with a thick insulation.

SEEMATZ manuell steerings are available in two different diameters ( 80 or 100mm). Every searchlight from the 273 up to the 463 types can be mounted on a 80mm pedestal, except the 463 searchlight with HBO,HMI or XBO lamp. This searchlights and also every searchlight type 525 must be mounted on a 100mm pedestal.

SEEMATZ searchlights type 750 will be delivered with a 120mm diameter of the column.




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