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Kable Texiline

Switchboard / Panel wire

The detailed work has to be done properly as well. Elektryka Morska sells Texiline switchboard / panel wire. Texiline is halogen free and specially developed for the shipping and offshore industry. It has a smooth surface, made of XLPE. Because it is very flexible, it is easy to install and modify. Thanks to the soft material, the insulation can be removed easily. Yes it also keeps its shape in larger sections.

And, also very importantly, Texiline is one of the few completely certified switchboard wires, developed according to the international standard in the offshore industry.

The voltage rating of Texiline is 0,6 / 1 Kv, the maximum temperature till 125 ºC. Texiline comes in two versions: HF90 is single insulated, and HF90D is double insulated, for a short circuit protected installation.

HF90; single insulated XLPE HF
HF90D; double insulated XLPE HF (for a short circuit protected installation)
TEXIline HF90 1kV (production)
H05V2-K 1mm
H05V2-K 0,5mm
H05V2-K 0,75mm
H05V-K 0,5mm
H05V-K 0,75mm
H05V-K 1,00mm
H07V-K 1,5mm 
H07V2-K 1,5mm